our mechanism

The company is sprawling over an area of 40 acres with the best infrastructural setup comprising of state of art machinery and advanced processing unit. It has its own power generation . The company is equipped with advanced technology units such as paddy cleaning, drying, parboiling, milling, polishing and grading machines and also Bulher and Satake for colour sorting.

Daily production capacity is 1000 MT per day and the mill has the storage capacity of 25,000 MT of rice and 1,20,000 MT of Paddy.


1. pre- cleaning

While ‘cleaning’ means to get rid of visible dirt, ‘pre-cleaning’ refers to the removal of body fluids and other contamination before disinfection or sterilisation. We have a special mechanism for Pre-Cleaning Process.


Parboiling is a process whereby rough rice is steeped in cold or warm water, heated with steam under pressure or in boiling water to gelatinize starch with minimum grain swelling, followed by slow drying. We will do this increase its nutritional value.

3. De – Stone

We have our own machines for this process. It has fine separation of stones and other heavier material from grain.

4. Husking

Brown rice is produced by removing the husk from rough paddy rice. Our basic objective is to remove the husk and the bran layers, and produce an edible,   kernel that is sufficiently milled and free of impurities.

5. paddy separation

Paddy separator is good at unhusked paddy rice from brown rice making easier to go ahead with the next procedure in our rice mill.

6.Whitening & polishing

Do you know that how whitening or polishing rich are made? Here, we are going to talk about rice whitening process in our rice mill.

Actually, white rice is produced removing the bran layer and then germ from the paddy.

8. Sorting & Grading

Rice is graded at different stages on the basis of length and thickness. The shriveled, under-milled and broken grains are separated from the whole grain to achieve optimum and uniform grain length. This process is carried through length grading cylinders installed at three different stages

9. Weighing & Bagging

Finally coming to Weighing & Bagging, We never compromise in giving the best output to our customers. We observe carefully while bagging and weighing it